Rules of the server

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Rules of the server

Post  Admin on Wed Jan 09, 2013 3:58 pm

1. Respect all staff and players.

2. No name calling, swearing, spamming or drama is allowed in the BC.

3. No botting of any kind is allowed. Do not accuse players of cheating without proof. If you are caught autocomposing, you will botjailed and the pet will be deleted. (1st offense)

4. Do not give staff flowers.

5. Begging of any kind is not allowed.

6. No advertising other servers and no advertising our server on other servers.

7. No selling in-game items for real money. Donation to the server is acceptable.

8. No harassment of any kind is allowed. If a player tells you to leave them alone, do it. Screenshots need to be provided to prove harassment. (use the blacklist option)

9. No sharing account information and no sharing accounts. If you allow someone to use your account you will be botjailed or banned.


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